Endocrinology and Metabolism Service

UFSC University Hospital’s Endocrinology and Metabolism service offers care to inpatients and outpatients.  It provides ambulatory care in general and specific endocrinology, in the areas of diabetes mellitus (types 1, 2 and specific ones), obesity, preoperative and postoperative evaluation in bariatric surgery, critical endocrinology patients, thyroid dysfunction, thyroid nodules and cancer, neuroendocrinology, adrenal disorders and gonadal dysfunctions. The service also carries out specific procedures, such as dynamic hormonal tests and aspiration of thyroid nodules. It operates in the areas A, B, C, P (Pathological Anatomy), as well as in the Inpatient Units, Intensive Care Units (ICU) and Emergency Units of the University Hospital.

 For further information, visit http://www.hu.ufsc.br/setores/endocrinologia/.